Disney’s live-action remake Aladdin has earned an estimated $86.1 million over the weekend and is expected to bring in $105 million by the Memorial Day. The film has taken in $207 million worldwide.

The recent live-action entry from Disney, has become the third highest domestic opening of the year after Avengers: Endgame($357.1 million) and Captain Marvel ($153.4 million). With Aladdin, Disney has retained its spot at the top for last four weeks now after 26 April. Endgame remained at the top for three weeks straight.

Aladdin was released across 4,476 screens, the widest ever for Disney around the Memorial Day Weekend. On the contrary to the box-office numbers, the film has received mixed reviews. It doesn’t need to mention that Aladdin is far from being perfect critically. And on the whole, the remake seems a little redundant.

But what stands out in this Disney live-action remake is its treatment. A story that’s so well known and has been a classic in the animation history, deserves to be at par with its original. The film brings back the musical charm of the Disney tales. The trailer seemed a little cheesy and average, but surprisingly the film is executed brilliantly with all its splashing hues and happiness spread all along.

Now, it’s a matter of time to see if Aladdin can maintain its position, given some big titles like Godzilla: King of the Monsters are about to enter the space.


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