That day might not be far when we go sit down in a theatre to watch a film that was conceptualised by artificial intelligence, performed by robots and animated as well as rendered by deep learning algorithms.

Such tremendous AI-powered automation of animation does make one think whether the algorithms, AI tools and robots will start dominating the film industry, just the way they took over the factories and the customer service duties. Naysayers might even argue the end of animation as an art.

It is true that there are certain tasks that no longer need to be performed manually and AI automation does them better, but, there is a greater need for talented people who can train deep learning algorithms to perform routine tasks such as making a digital character look life-like.

AI is automating animation tasks only so that the animators don’t have to draw frame by frame. The AI-based advanced algorithms are capable of automating the rendering of advanced visual effects.

However, recent years have witnessed the rapid evolution of deep learning and artificial intelligence based tools that are going to expand the contemporary scope of animation to unseen levels.

Norah AI is a ground-breaking animation tool that was recently unveiled by Absentia. This futuristic tool swiftly takes the animation and game design technology into the Artificial Intelligence domain. Norah AI facilitates quick creation of various game components such as 3D models and animations, game geometry, story integration and texturing.

All these things are done with the least possible human involvement. The original version of Norah AI came with Auto Rig tool, human motion simulation and blending as well as a Motion Editor that can handle a wide range of 3D animation and game design requirements.

Norah leverages state of the art deep learning and generative models that give her the ability to create intricate animations that look realistic and fluid. It is quite impressive to know that Norah was trained on half a million animation frames. This extensive machine learning enabled Norah to become an expert in all sort of motions including complex activities like dancing and combat animation.


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