WiNDUP is a short film created in real-time with Unity, written and directed by emerging Asian female filmmaker Yibing Jiang & Animator Jason Keane.

WiNDUP – Short Animation

WiNDUP Synopsis

WiNDUP portrays the relationship between a father, his ailing daughter and the healing power of music. At a time when we are feeling isolated, craving is preoccupied with connections and the health and well-being of loved ones, the film’s theme is an uplifting universal that exposes the fragile nature of life, love, communion, and healing power. Music, through the eyes of a father and the special bond he shares with his ailing young daughter.

WiNDUP -List of International Festival Selection
WiNDUP -List of International Festival Selection

You can watch WiNDUP here:

About Yibing Jiang

Yibing Jiang is the first-time director of the animation short film Windup, which has occupied the roles of writer, director and art director. Her previous work as an artist in various projects for over ten years in the game and animation film industry. Her professional experience includes Naughty Dog Inc, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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Here are WiNDUP Team Details:

Written & Directed by
Yibing Jiang

Aleksander Karshikoff
Silvia Rasheva

Executive Producer
Junbo Zhang

Animation Director
Jason Keane

Yining Cheng
Maria Beliaeva
Lisa Allen Keane
Alexander Fleisig

Art Director
Yibing Jiang

Adam Habib

Environment Art
Shiyao Jiang
Jesus Orillan

Chris Kang

Character Art
Colin Thomas
Han Lin

Victor Vinyals

Yibing Jiang
Chris Kang

Lighting Lead
Laurent Harduin

Character Lighter
Vina Kao Mahoney

FX Artist
Chris Kang

Music Composer
Joaquin Garcia

Music Production

Audio Production
Pole Position Production

Sound Designer
Eric Thorsell

Kiki Voice
Bim Ohlsson Jinde

Father Voice
Uno Helmersson
Mattias Lech

Voice Direction
Carolina Jinde

Re-Recording Mixer
Eric Thorsell

Global Tech
Evgenii Golubev
Sebastien Lagarde


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