Some Thing By Elena Walf: While large mountains contain oil, gold, and fire, the smaller mountains contain something that looks like a nut. He is confused and outraged and is facing all kinds of scorn from his elder brothers. But since he can only be patient, things work out for him. He sits in the rain, is uncomfortable, hunts for a while, and then an interesting thing happens.

Some Thing Storyline:

Oil, gold, and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. It is impossible for a little mountain to live with that. He is just in possession of SOME THING this small, strange, and worthless.

Some Thing By Elena Walf
Some Thing By Elena Walf

About Elena Walf

Born in, Moscow, Russia she finished her studies in design at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2004, Elena started working as an illustrator artist. In recent years she has given illustrations for publishing magazines in Russia, Germany, Taiwan, and South Korea for several children’s magazines and several children’s books. “Where Birdy Lives“, one of the books written and illustrated by him, is particularly popular and has therefore been continuously reprinted over the last 10 years.

Elena Walf won many awards like

2013 – Ottawa International Animation Festival – Best Undergraduate Animation Award.

2015 – Primanima World Festival, Hungary, Budaörs – Children Audience Award.

2016 – Roshd International Film Festival, Iran – Children Audience Award.

2015 – Filmschau Baden-Württemberg – Best Animation.

2016 – Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival – Best Animated Shortfilm

2017 – 7th Singapore International Children’s Film Festival – Special Jury Prize.

2017 – PLAY Lisbon’s Children and Youth Film Festival – Best PLAY Short film.

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Watch Some Thing Here:


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