Alike is directed by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez. The animation creation took 5 years to finish alongside the assistance of ex-animation students using Blender.


The story set in a depressing and colorless city where imagination is never again present inside nature or the occupants. Anyway, it is just the two primary characters, the dad, Copi, and his child who are the ones who are not dull. In the animation, shading is figuratively conveyed all through the story to investigate and analyze the absence of innovativeness inside the setting and the characters. Before all else, Copi prepares for work and readies his child for school.

In transit, the child finds a shaded character who is a musician performing in a park. The child hooked up by his music, any way he gets interrupted by his dad and proceeds on his approach to class. At the point when the dad drops his child off to class and touches base to work, he loses his shading. While the child is at school, he endeavors to be imaginative by illustration doodles rather doing school work. By the day’s end, the father anticipates his child to complete school and grasps him which at that point recaptures his shading back.

As the days pass by of a similar daily practice, the child is compelled to be less imaginative at school which makes both of them troubled coming about them two losing their shading. It is until one day the dad attempts to fulfill his child by visiting the musician at the park. Somehow, he is no longer there. Rather, the dad stands up in the park and act of the musician and carry joy to his child and himself.

The movie producers inspired to create the short because of their own parenthood experiences.

“Children turn your world upside down,” Lara said in a making-of video. “When you are a father, you often wonder what the best thing is for your children. This short intends to a reflection in that sense.” 

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