Red Giant declared its new Red Giant VFX Suite, an all-new suite of keying, cleanup, tracking, and special visualizations compositing tools, good inside Adobe After Effects, some portion of Adobe Creative Cloud. Included nine instruments altogether, Red Giant VFX Suite offers an incredible toolbox for practical VFX composites, programmed chroma-keying, exceptionally quick and precise planar tracking, object replacement/removal, photograph sensible sparkle impacts, delightful displacement effects and Lens flares for VFX.

a gathering of 9 incredible GPU quickened apparatuses for use straightforwardly inside Adobe After Effects. The toolset incorporates:

  • VFX Supercomp
  • VFX Optical Glow
  • VFX King Pin Tracker
  • VFX Spot Clone Tracker
  • VFX Chromatic Displacement
  • VFX Knoll Light Factory
  • VFX Primatte Keyer
  • VFX Shadow
  • VFX Reflection

“The VFX Suite was built from the ground up for visual effects artists in need of powerful, fast and professional tools that they can use without ever leaving Adobe After Effects,” commented Chad Bechert, CEO of Red Giant. “The team at Red Giant is made up of talented artists, filmmakers, and developers, with decades of experience in creating great products and great visuals. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been quietly building a cohesive toolkit aimed at solving some of the biggest challenges faced by visual effects artists today. VFX Suite is the culmination of that work and is packed with tools for keying, compositing, motion tracking and object replacement/removal, plus beautiful glow, distortions, and lens flares. We are extremely proud and excited to share it with the visual effects community.”

Red Giant VFX Suite
Red Giant VFX Suite

“Red Giant’s VFX Suite is a fantastic, realistic toolkit to up your VFX game due to its breadth of compositing tools inside After Effects,” said Victoria Nece, Sr. Product Manager of Motion Design and VFX at Adobe. “Supercomp, in particular, is exciting as it streamlines the pre-composing process and makes it simpler to composite elements into atmospheric effects and distortions.”

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Each of the 9 VFX tools can be purchased separately for $99 to $399, or you can buy the entire VFX Suite for $999 and for Academic at $499.
Red Giant’s VFX Suite is Available now.

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