Make stunning Facebook 3D Images with Photoshop and Share. Turn your 2D Photo to 3D Photo utilizing the intensity of depth maps in Adobe Photoshop.

Basically what we’ll be doing is manually making a depth map that are a few things that twin lens phones produce mechanically in Portrait mode to see what’s background and foreground. This map is then accustomed blur the background to make the result of an image taken on a DSLR with a camera lens.

Lets Create 3d image from regular image

Step 1 : Open your composition in Photoshop

Step 2 : Create your Depth Map

What you would like to understand regarding depth maps before you get to it:

  • The depth map is created shades of grey (and you’ll be able to use gradients as well)
  • Prepare the depth map as a separate image with similar dimensions because the original.
  • Every shade determines the space of associate degree object relative to the camera:
    dark shades = Away,
    light shades = Close.

Now here comes the onerous half. you have got to manually separate all the objects that you just wish to square get into the 3D picture.

Selecting them with the Pen Tool and saving the trail of every object is perhaps the fastest thanks to do this.

After that, verify what within the picture is at what distance and begin making the depth map in line with the examples during this article by taking every path and filling it with the corresponding shade of grey.

Objects within the foreground are going to be lighter, objects within the background are going to be a Darker color. If one thing is obtaining bit by bit additional away (ground, ceiling, walls so on), you’ll be able to produce a gradient rather than a solid color.

You must keep in mind while saving your depth image you must rename it as *your image name*_depth. for example, if your image name is “spiderman” then your depth map name should be “spiderman_depth”

Now upload both images on Facebook, Facebook will automatically pick and create your 3D image


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