How to choose a good animation institute to learn: Today as we all know, there are many institute in market , which are teaching animation but how can we configure that which institute is teaching the right and the latest technology to get a good job in the respective field.

first of all we have to find out the skill in ourselves , the way we think about animation , how we get into animation love, because after all our career depends on the filed we choose. find out that do you really love animation or you are just going with the decision of other peoples, because liking to watch animation movies is not the key to become an animator, in short, I want to tell you just try to find a good artist in yourself if you are good sketching is one of the primary factor, the way you watch, observes nature and learn the realism of live creatures, how they walk the talk and behave in their particular habitat, will lead you to be a good observer of nature. which means that you have a seed of animation skills in you, now you are ready to choose a perfect teacher for you to enhance your skills.

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Now make a list of animation institute you can find on the internet , call them ask about their fees structure, don’t forget to ask about the students who are previously placed in the industry by those institutes. ask about the faculty knowledge and qualification. take the mock classes if they are providing. because animation is not an easy job to do. how much time they will give you or what is the course duration which software are they going to teach. now you will get the enough information which will encourage you or may discourage you to take animation as a career. My main motive is to tell you that you have to find an active and live artist in yourself first. because you are the teacher of yourself nobody can teach you until you have that fire in yourself .


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