Hi Friends, I have came back with an other special fact of animation industry to entertain you with acknowledgement.

  1. To land Robin Williams, The Animators created test sequences of the genie performing the comedian’s stand-up routines.
  2. The movie’s producers had back-up choices if robin Williams declined the role.
  3. Aladdin marked the end of voice actors in Disney musicals needing to be magnificent singers.
  4. The character of Aladdin was meant to do for Disney princes what Ariel and belle had done for Disney princesses.
  5. Aladdin had to be really handsome.
  6. Gilbert Gottfried wasn’t the first choice for Iago.
  7. The boy who voiced Aladdin was the boyfriend of D.J. on full house.
  8. The genie’s lines were recorded up to 20 different ways.
  9. Jeffrey Katzenberg used a secret box to inspire Williams’s portrayal of the peddler.
  10. The illustrators tried make the characters look unrealistic on purpose.
  11. That unrealistic fashion was inspired by great artist and caricaturist al Hirschfeld.
  12. Not all of the song lyrics on the video release were the same as in the theatrical release.
  13. The return of Jafar was Disney’s first ever attempt at marketing a straight-to-video sequel.
  14. Williams’s famous feud with Disney had nothing to do with money.
  15. Robin Williams agreeing to portray genie changed the entire genre of voice acting.

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