Encanto Wins the Oscar 2022: Walt Disney’s Encanto, a Colombian story about a family living in a mysterious house, won an Oscar for Best Animated Film at the 94th Academy Awards.

The film, directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard and co-directed by Charis Castro Smith, was a success in theaters and was also criticized when it was released last November.

Interestingly, co-director Encanta Bush is best known as the co-director of the Oscar-winning animated film Zootopia.

Disney has the best chance of winning the prize with three studio entries in the category: Encanto (Walt Disney Animation), Luca (Pixar), and Raya and the Last Dragon (Walt Disney Animation). The other two nominees include the Danish independent film Flee and The Mitchells vs. the Machines: Sony Pictures Animation.

About Encanto

Encanto Wins the Oscar 2022
Encanto Wins oscar 2022 – Animaders

ENCANTO’s story is told through an ordinary 15-year-old girl who struggles to find her place in her family. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Spell is in danger, she realizes that, as she is the only normal member of her family, she may be her last hope.

In an earlier interview with PTI in November 2021, the director Jared Bush had said that

“We never knew, when we’re setting out to tell the story about a family in a home, that we would end up telling the story with our families from our homes. I think it turned out to be a really unexpectedly wonderful thing to be able to do that as we all saw our families differently,

After the exceptional response to Encanto, most have figured the film would lead itself to a follow-up, if not an entire franchise. Encanto director Jared Bush even teased a sequel in a tweet.

“I’m asked a LOT if there’ll be more #Encanto – movies, TV, Theater, etc,” Bush wrote on Twitter. “I’ll say this, it was always our dream, but the real deciders are the fans who found themselves in this story, who saw their family in ours, who chose to spend time with the Madrigals… and want to again.🙏” 

Encanto is now streaming on Disney+.

Watch the trailer below:


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