The ANIMATION AND VFX INDUSTRY ARE EXPECTED TO grow by 9% over the forecast period 2022-2026. The global 3D animation market is expected to grow at a significant pace over this forecast period (2022-2025). In 2022, the global animation market will continue to grow due to the increasing adoption of strategies by key players and is expected to continue to grow beyond the projected horizon.

The global 3D animation market is expected to reach $15,880 million by 2025, up from $13,790 million in 2020, with a CAGR of 6.4% expected for 2022-2025. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS IN 3D ANIMATION TECHNOLOGY, the focus on High Resolution (HD) video production AND THE WIDESPREAD USE OF 3D ANIMATION VIDEOS IN manufacturing to visually illustrate the working of parts and heavy equipment are predicted to be the main drivers of market growth over the forecast period 2021-2026. The global 3D animation market is segmented by technology, component, application, and deployment.

THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE GLOBAL ANIMATION INDUSTRY REACHED $264 BILLION IN 2019, WITH MOST of its segments increasing at an annual rate of 2-3%. With steady growth and healthy growth in access to multimedia devices and the spread of the Internet, certain trends are emerging that will have a major impact on all sectors of the industry.

Minimalist change is a first-class idea in the animation industry, leading the way to success and RAISING THE STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE EVERY YEAR. Other years with an interdisciplinary focus, animation studios and animators have introduced technological breakthroughs and methods to meet the demands of the industry.

Film production studios need animators, whether for animated films, CGI special effects, or LIVE-ACTION MOVIES. THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY NEEDS ANIMATORS TO HELP implement the concept of its games. While companies are looking FOR NEW WAYS TO HIGHLIGHT INNOVATIVE PRODUCT ideas, animators are developing new approaches to their craft.

New techniques emerging this year will not only be groundbreaking but also effective and memorable, as they raise the industry’s standards of excellence. We SEE VIRTUAL REALITY BECOMING ONE OF THE TOP trends in video animation in 2022. Minimalist approaches to texture and the world are our top animation trends this year.

Those who discovered improvisational theater for themselves were drawn to the thrill of COLLABORATIVE STORYTELLING AND ACTING AND THE CRAZY IDEA OF MIXING STORIES and working together to pursue a career in animation took shape. Worked as a helpful way to build up a portfolio and then apply for jobs elsewhere.

One of the main attractions – whether you’re working in animation or live-action – is the ability to make characters for your brand that are not real IN REAL LIFE. WHEN YOU USE CHARACTERS in animations to support your brand, you can create friendly, accessible, AND HUMOROUS PERSONALITIES THAT REFLECT THE VALUES OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Video streaming is that the fastest-growing sales channel for animation, with double-digit growth, and this is often expected to continue. We can expect animated explanatory videos to hit cinemas in 2022 as companies try to communicate with more employees. Animation industry activities are consumer-oriented, so animated infographics should not become the norm, but they should not be too far away. Animators can use them for their own marketing purposes, and WITH A VARIETY OF IMAGES AND VISUALS YOU CAN escape boring statistics and speak directly to the emotional center of the brain to increase customer sales.

Thanks to their editable nature, animated videos can be converted into short videos that you can use on your social media channels. When Deloitte implemented its digital transformation, it created a series of targeted animated videos to inform employees of changes in the tone of the conversation.

Animation and VFX Industry in 2022, animators who love minimalist animation and line art will find ways to make it more sophisticated and elegant for viewers. Simple scribbles on thin lines bring the animation to life and create a surreal, dreamlike atmosphere for the viewer. This technique appears in various types of animated videos such as commercials, commercials, and explanatory videos, making the experience more attractive and entertaining for viewers.

Minimalist animations are becoming increasingly popular in animated explanatory videos. Textures add depth and character and are a long-awaited trend that will appear in the animation industry this year. Expect textured animations this year that evoke different feelings in the audience.

To UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF AUDIO IN AN animated video is a misjudgment. Trust in the authenticity of the sound – it is the sound that distinguishes the animation. To enrich the story, the tone assigns the right feelings and emotions to the characters.

When we re-enter the block, animations can be used to fill in the gaps between videos, rather than wasting incomplete live-action footage. It is possible to record live-action material in the studio, so brands should consider the combination of live-action and animation in their content. By mixing the TWO TYPES OF CONTENT, BRANDS CAN ENSURE that their content stands out and has a visual representation that conveys essential information through explanators and motion graphics.

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