Why Japanese Anime Is So Famous: One of Japan’s greatest contributions to this iconic day is nothing more than what most people call anime. Anime, which comes from the English word for animation, has so much contributed to how people around the world love the genre that they feel overwhelmed by the need to visit Japan and learn Japanese. Essentially, Anime captures the experience of Japanese childhood and adulthood.

During the early twentieth century, while the first Japanese cartoons were produced, anime took on a more creative form after World War II, and animation had become the centerpiece of the young medium of television by the 1960s. Today, Anime is available in Japan as a TV feature film and original animation production, which will be released on DVD and on the Internet.

Anime and manga are at the heart of Japanese culture, a tradition that has been gaining popularity for generations. Japanese anime has the ability to embrace and transcend the traditional boundaries of the genre. In countless genres, from light-hearted comedies and psychological thrillers to romances, history, politics, violence, war, and sexual themes, Japanese anime breaks the conventions of what cartoons and children see.

There are several important factors that make Japanese Anime Is So Famous and one of the most popular of all time. Like originally created as an animated feature film called Hakujaden

Why Japanese Anime Is So Famous
Hakujaden – Why Japanese Anime Is So Famous

Another reason of Why Japanese Anime Is So Famous is that it is a pop culture that produces dedicated fans. It is an art form and a cultural phenomenon that has been picked up again and anime fans tend to stay with them for many years to come. Part of what gives Anime such an international appeal is the fact that it appeals to almost everyone’s taste.

In recent decades, Americans have experienced an enormous appetite for anime. Japanese animations have been exported to generations of American Americans and have evolved into various series such as Speed Racer, which has become an international pop culture phenomenon in the last twenty years. Despite the stereotype of violent and sexually explicit anime and manga, the diverse genre includes humorous children’s fares, science fiction, robotic epics, thoughtful and imaginative creations, and Oscar-winning ghosts.

Anime has a unique art style. It is violent, it has crazy people flying around, shooting laser beams and blasted mountains and it has power fantasies. It inspires people to be childish and say it’s okay to be an adult. People regard anime as a Japanese art form because of its physical aesthetic and appeal.
One of the reasons I think anime is so popular is how unrealistic it is. Watching anime, the audience is immersed in a new universe, free from the struggles of everyday life. Therefore I find anime an escape from everyday life into a fantastic and crazy world.

The Japanese animated film achieved great popularity and is today one of the most famous cultural phenomena. The most important thing to know about the art form known as anime is that while it is a large industry it is also a form of cultural identity and power in Japan because it is such a diverse scene. It is not a monolithic thing with a name we give to a broad category of different products.

Tamasa Sakurai, an anime expert who speaks in many countries, says that the genre is widely accepted because of its unconventional nature. One of the reasons anime is so big in the world is that Japanese producers export their work every day, just like Tezuka. Japanese animators sell their products worldwide, including Tezukas.

Even if in other parts of the world anime production companies existed, it is doubtful that they would succeed in removing the Japanese anime from the throne. According to Takamasa Sakurai, an anime expert who has lectured in many countries, the storylines in Japanese are hard to predict. Sakurai pointed out that Japanese anime often has elaborate storylines and character development.

Some examples of blockbuster animated films are the critically acclaimed Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (2001) and the current popular hit In Your Name (2016). More and more viewers have access to Japanese anime, and it is must say that is Why Japanese Anime Is So Famous.

While statues of anime figures in other countries are a rare sight, let alone giant statues, anime otaku culture in Japan is so normalized that many anime figures appear in other aspects of daily life. For example, in Odaiba, visitors are greeted by a monstrous, lifesize Gundam at the entrance of a building that houses a small indoor theme park dedicated to popular anime series. Although the drawing styles vary from artist to artist, anime characters are recognizable by their large eyes, colorful hair, and small noses and mouths

Other examples include anime-style product packaging, snack ads featuring popular characters, and things you won’t see anywhere else in Japan. Adults 18 and older specialize in anime, a category known as his. Shonen Boys is a special form of anime with adventurous and action-packed stories.

The success of Dragon Ball in 1986 introduced the martial arts genre which has become very influential in Japan’s animation industry. Anime, originally derived from the English word animation, along with its comic book counterpart Manga, is hugely successful in the Japanese industry, worth $1.5 billion.

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Dragon Ball -Why Japanese Anime Is So Famous-animaders
Dragon Ball -Why Japanese Anime Is So Famous-animaders

Dragon Ball (1986) influenced many other martial arts anime and manga series, including Yuyu Hakusho (1990), One Piece (1999), Naruto (2002), and One Punch Man (2015). In the 1980s, the video came onto the market as original video animation shows, shifting the focus from superheroes, robots, and space operas to original video animations that first appeared on the market and varied in length.

Hideaki Anno wrote and directed the controversial anime Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1995 and re-ran the studio. From 1998 to 1999, Cowboy Bebop (Kauboibibatsupu) was broadcast for 26 episodes in Japan among the most popular Japanese anime among foreign viewers. The series is set in space in 2071, where bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and his partner Jet Black hunt down criminals


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