Avengers: Endgame-Re-releasing: Speaking to ComicBook, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige revealed that Endgame will be re-released into theaters with some new footage. “We are doing that,” Feige said of an Endgame re-release with new footage. “I don’t know if it’s been announced. And I don’t know how much… Yeah, we’re doing it.”

Avengers: Endgame-Re-releasing

The news comes as Avengers: Endgame sits on the cusp of passing Avatar and turning into the most elevated earning film ever, giving it a shot at really making the record. Avengers: Endgame may probably beat the huge film industry record set by “Avatar” all things considered. Avengers: Endgame has lost most of its force now, very nearly two months after its initial release, yet it’s going to get another significant lift to ticket deals.

Endgame has earned $2.743 billion at the overall film industry up until now, making it one of the most highest-grossing movies of ever. But still, the highest grossing movie is James Cameron’s Avatar which was released in 2009, which earned $2.787 billion and holding its position at first.

The question presently moves toward becoming whether the new film is extremely justified. The Russos made their cuts for a reason, just thinking that is there’s anything that is being re-added to the movie? However, incredible fans who need to see everything Endgame brings to the table, they’ll likely be making another trek to the theater.

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Avengers: Endgame is getting its re-release in theaters this Friday, June 28.



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