This article was written to highlight Marvel vs DC Comics, to help people make their own decisions about which franchise they wish to invest their time in to read more about it. DC Comics is an American comic book publisher known for its characters Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on other hand Marvel having Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man.

In recent decades, Marvel has increased the power of its heroes and villains, while DC has sought to humanize its characters. That said, Marvel’s characters feel more realistic than DC Comics. Marvel’s victory over DC reflects a paradigm shift in the real world, where DC characters have been overwhelmed in the Golden and Silver Ages, while Marvel’s are more down-to-earth.

The inclusion of mythological figures such as Odin and Zeus in the Marvel and DC universe. While Marvel follows the theme of humanity trying to reach a higher power, DC Comics focuses on characters that depict Gods and other mythical beings. As in the Marvel comic book universe, the films, comics, and television series focus on the struggles their characters and heroes go through, but not in their realistic style.

While both comic book publishers present a bogus universe, Marvel brings more realism to the fantasy world. One of the defining features of the Marvel comic universe is that its characters and heroes are more likely to fight. As a result, Marvel characters more often struggle with their everyday lives and society than DC Comics characters. 

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The Marvel Universe has long served as continuity for media forms based on Marvel comics with many television programs and video games connected to the Marvel movie universe. Hostess Twinkies sponsored a popular series of one-sided comics that appeared in both Marvel and DC comics as self-promotions and famous superheroes as product advertisers.


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