A couple of mice and a cat. A set of never-ending battles and chases. This is Tom and Jerry, or rather, it’s the story of how two opposing characters became one of the most beloved duos in American animation history.

History of Tom and Jerry Cartoon
History of Tom and Jerry Cartoon

Tom and Jerry is an American classic that has been entertaining audiences for decades. The groundbreaking animated series won seven Academy Awards over the years and created a new standard in animation style.

The show’s popularity spans several generations, and it remains so popular that it runs on multiple television channels across the world to this day. The show was such a cultural phenomenon that even people who have never watched a single episode of Tom and Jerry can recognize their familiar characters at first glance.

The Tom and Jerry cartoon series is created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the cartoon first aired on October 27, 1940, before becoming a Saturday morning staple by 1955. The show was based on a short gag film made in 1937 called Puss Gets the Boot. The series’ popularity has led to over a hundred productions since its inception in 1940 including several television specials and direct-to-video features.

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The series developed a fast and energetic tone. The physical appearance of the main protagonist’s Tom and Jerry, the second protagonist, evolved over the years. At first, Tom was a blue-grey longhaired cat, while Jerry was a small brown house mouse. The original theme of the series, “A cat chases a mouse”, remained the same, but Hanna-Barbera brought up several variations on the theme.    Show Source Texts

The last shot of Hanna-Barbera and The Watchers was released on August 1, 1958, after MGM closed the cartoon studios in 1957. In 1957 Hanna and Barbera opened their own television studio Hanna-Barbara Productions and went on to produce various famous television programs and films.

Due to the success of their cartoon show, Tom and Jerry have been a household name all around the world for decades. The popularity of the show led to many other spin-offs such as video games, home videos, and even merchandise. Did you know that they released a video game in 1995? Stop laughing! It was actually pretty good! Nowadays we’re used to Pixar and Disney creating awesome feature films and shows featuring our favorite characters, but it all started with one simple


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