Finally, Adobe adds the amazing “Content-Aware Fill” tool Remove unwanted objects in After Effects.

Content-Aware Fill for Video takes the popular Photoshop tool for removing objects from scenes and, essentially, lets you do the same for video. It can work with shots both with a static or moving camera – though it appears that in each case the fill is based the information on what’s around the object – and moving objects will need to be manually tracked first.

You can use a number of tools to select the areas for Content-Aware fill to work on – masking, keying or the Roto Brush. You can also paint or otherwise create a ‘clean’ reference frame for the software to work towards. so now this is much easier to remove unwanted objects in After Effects, Thanks to Adobe.

Content-Aware - normal footage -Remove unwanted objects in After Effects -Animaders
Image: Adobe

The tool is available now for Creative Cloud subscribers. It’ll come in handy for post-production editing, like removing boom mics, special effects wires, or people who inadvertently make their way into the final shot.

Content-Aware - using results - Animaders

Source: Adobe

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