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Four gigantic kaiju take center stage in Warner Bros.’ Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and it was critical for the filmmakers and production VFX supervisor Guillaume Rocheron (Ghost in the Shell) to ensure that the enormous creatures could emote, considering their considerable screen time and interactions with one another.  Critical to the VFX production’s success was the development of the title character in a manner that harkened back to the original 1954 movie version but also honoured his appearance in Godzilla (2014).  “We built upon the design that Gareth Edwards [Rogue One] did in 2014,” explains Rocheron, who on behalf of MPC, previously worked on the franchise that now spans 35 films. “But Mike Dougherty [Krampus] wanted the dorsal fin spikes to be like the traditional star shape.

We adjusted Godzilla’s proportions slightly to get more of an aggressive profile.  His claws, instead of being like an elephant’s nails, were more the predatorial type that can be used in battle. In terms of the technology behind all the creature, we did some significant upgrades because we were trying to portray them as ancient gods. So, we had to give them some sort of personality.  They couldn’t just be rampaging monsters.”

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