Before the starting, we should know about Flashback of 2012, 1st Avengers had only two months left to release the film and Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken had come to the stores. Fighting game fans have been expecting fellow titles from Bandai Namko since then, however Tekken X Street Fighter is as yet a white whale. More than seven years after this, we get another update from series producer Katasuhiro Harda, however it isn’t very exciting.

Addressing to VGC, Harada candidly contemplated whether or not it made sense for a Tekken X Street Fighter game to come out. His following explanation was not too far from another update he provided two years ago, albeit a bit more fleshed out this time. While Harda is “emotionally up to it,” “Things have changed a lot since 2012,” Harda suggested that they would require approval from Capcom and they would have to go ahead with the project, to pursue this project.

At the time when Taken X Street Fighter was placed on hold, Harda estimates that the game development was around 30%. Furthermore, with guest characters, for example, Akuma from Street Fighter and Geese Howard from The King of Fighters showing up in Tekken 7, Harada found himself “excited” about how their characters looked and felt in the transition from 2D to 3D. But this is a just one thing – Tekken 7 is as yet doing great.

Street Fighter V is additionally fine itself, Harda has said that Street Fighter and Tekken 7 are “some of the best fighting games.” Harada referred to the life cycle of fighting games, which was usually a sequel a few years ago, but in present modern fighting games act like services. Tekken 7, specifically, have a lot of DLC support for post-release. But fear is dividing the community at that point. “That was a serious consideration from the marketing perspective,” Harada said.

It’s a real worry that still remains constant two years after his underlying worries, honestly, Street Fighter X Tekken has come in the middle of a various game’s titles in unusual times,

and apparently, lost steam in the fighting games community. Nevertheless, it would be insulting to not see half of this target-based hybrid as never happened.


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