For a professional animation career, you need good knowledge and tips, Mr Adam Fisher is an award-winning animation artist has given these Three tips for making a good Character Animation.

Tip One – Know your character

Character is something that is often not given the attention it deserves in animation. It’s easy to let the plot dictate what actions are needed, then try to come up with interesting ways to carry out these actions. However, it’s very important to really understand who the character is you are bringing to life.

Know your character - Animaders

These ideas are quite similar. In short, we need to understand how our characters think. Who are they? What are their motivations? What do they need? A character depends on their personality to determine how they act and move. As artists, we have to know this personality inside and out so we understand how to move them and make them perform. This is essential, because, on the flip side, our audience is depending on absorbing and processing these actions to be informed of the personality of the characters! If we are giving them incorrect or inconsistent information through our choice of actions, then they are getting misleading information about the character. This will lead to either general confusion or weak performance.

Tip Two – Always Use Live-Action Video for Reference.

Often this step is skipped when animators are in the heat of production. I get it. It takes time to get yourself set up with a camera and tripod. You have to find space to shoot. People might be watching… I can tell you from personal experience that it is well worth getting over all of these excuses and implementing this as an essential step in your workflow.

Live-Action Video for Reference - Animaders

Take the time to think about the shot, then to record either yourself or a friend (preferably, one who can act) performing the action the way you hope to portray it. Try a few different things. It is a wonderful way to test drive a few different interpretations of action without having to animate a single frame. It also allows you to show a director or supervisor exactly what you are planning and allows them the chance to give you notes even before you complete a blocking pass.

Tip Three Keep it simple

As you build up your performance, it is essential to keep in mind what the most important thing is that you need the audience to understand. What is the purpose of the shot? Why is it there? What needs to happen in order for the shot to do its job?

Keep it simple - Three tips for making a good  Character Animation

This will vary drastically depending on the scene you are animating. In a big action scene, the choreography is very important. In a more subtle acting scene, you may need to communicate the emotions very clearly. It’s important to boil the performance down to the essentials. Don’t add any extra secondary animation that doesn’t directly support and enhance the impact of the main action.

These three tips for making a good Character Animation will lead you to success just keep going and keep practicing.

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