Aai – The story of a Mother is a film about a mother’s unconditional love for her child, the film is her viewpoint of having an infant and watching her child grow up, and everything that occurs in the center.

Aai is a solitary layer, single take a hand-drawn activity that delineates the life of a normal single parent in India, the film accepts us through her life as she attempts to raise her child and give him a superior life than what she had encountered. The film has its feet solidly planted in the Indian family esteem framework but then the feelings can without much of a stretch impact anybody with no data of the social background with regards to this film.

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Aai is Directed by Aroop Dwivedi. He is a Scriptwriter, sound designer, Animation trainer, and Film designer from India, who has guided several student short films in the last couple of years. He graduated in commerce in 1998 and later decided to pursue an animation film making career; He has been working in the production and education sector for many years, where other than working on occasional international projects and also assisted in animation courses for several Indian universities. He is passionate about the classical style of animation and loves photography.



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