VFX process of sacred games 2: Philm CGI director Anand Bhanushali SAID – Yes, in recent years VFX has become an integral part of storytelling and we have seen getting its due share of better budgets, we have seen that Producers, directors, production houses have recognised the importance of VFX and what it can do to enhance the quality of the production and storytelling. More and More planning is being done on VFX as a part of storytelling right from the start i.e Concept and Script stage.

VFX process of sacred games 2
VFX process of sacred games 2

Philm CGI VFX supervisor Arpan Gaglani SAID – I have a different take on this matter. I would refrain from using words like lack of Budgets for VFX. Every Feature, series has its own budget I believe there has to be a clear understanding between the producer, director and the Visual effect supervisor from the beginning. For all my projects, I knew what my budgets are going to be. So it’s my responsibility to make sure I steer the execution to fit everything within my budget and also not compromise the vision of the project. There are times when the script has a lot of stuff written assuming it is possible to execute in VFX. But if the budget does not fit, it has to be changed. We always find a different way to do it. If something is a must, then that budget has to be accounted before we begin the shoot.

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Even during the shoot, we have to make sure the shooting does not go off track. If you do not control it then, it will backfire as there won’t be budgets left to accommodate. We have been fortunate enough to work alongside directors and producers who understand and are ready for the changes.”



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