It’s true that today we all love realistic graphics of animation with VFX. But do you know that in an earlier stage of animation, it was completely handed work of drawing artists!

The hand-drawn animation is indeed a symbol of a particular time and deserves to be respected and maintained. Nobody questions the impact of computer animation, but why do we think it’s OK to let a vibrant form of expression like 2-D animation wither? Ultimately, hand-drawn animation will never die as long as there are creative and imaginative filmmakers, but the low it has reached in the Western film market is a sad indication of the respect we have for our past.

As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” We may regretfully be closer than ever to a cinema where hand-drawn animation will exist only in the past tense, but will anyone still care?

So, It’s time to have a cup of coffee with classic animations.


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