What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality is the is a blend of physical and virtual worlds to produce new environments and scenes, where physical and digital objects create a realistic environment and interact in real-time.

It unites this present reality and advanced components. You collaborate with and control both physical and virtual things and situations, utilizing cutting edge detecting and imaging advancements. It enables you to see and inundate yourself in your general surroundings even as you interface with a virtual situation utilizing your very own hands—all while never evacuating your headset. It gives the capacity to have one foot (or hand) in reality, and the other in a nonexistent spot, separating essential ideas among genuine and fanciful, offering an encounter that can change the manner in which you amusement and work today.

Mixed Reality
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First mixed reality system

The first immersive mixed reality system, providing close sight, sound, and a bit was the Virtual Fixtures platform developed at the U.S. Air Force’s Armstrong Laboratories within the early Nineties. in a very study revealed in 1992, the Virtual Fixtures project at the U.S. Air Force incontestable for the primary time that human performance might be considerably amplified by the introduction of spatially registered virtual objects overlaid on prime of a personality direct read of a true physical surroundings

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What is mixed reality used for?

It is the use of both Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create an environment where real and virtual objects are at the same place and time and interact in real-time. MR overlays images or videos on a screen, which shows reality through a headset, or smart glass. Mixed reality applications have been used in across fields including military training, entertainment, and art and many more.


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