Disney Paperman is a 2012 romantic comedy short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by John Kahrs. Paperman is a 6 min story by Disney Animation of an apparently frustrated sentiment directed by paper plane between two office towers.

Disney Paperman - Animaders

Director John Kahrs revealed in an interview with Animation World Network that Paperman first in a mind during the 1990s when he was working as an animator at Blue Sky Studios.

Disney Paperman - Animaders

Kahar imagined Papman when he was going on his regular trip through Grand Central Station, where he was inspired by “the random connections you sometimes make with people” on these excursions. As a result, he “created a story about a boy who talks on his long-time relationship with this girl”, elaborating, “the story is really about what happens when he tries to get her back Does and re-ties.

Disney Paperman - Animaders

John Kahrs said on his inspiration behind Paperman : “Every morning on my way to work I would go through Grand Central Station … and sometimes you’d meet eye to eye with people, just strangers, like a pretty girl or something, and you’d think is there a connection? You feel that connection for a split second and wonder who that person was. That’s the core idea of it – what if two people were really perfect for each other, and they had that chance meeting? And what if they were separated – how would those two people get back together again? And how could a little bit of magic and fate intervene to bring them back together?”

Watch the Paperplane Full Here

Directed byJohn Kahrs
Produced byKristina Reed
Story byClio Chiang, Kendelle Hoyer
Voice OverJohn Kahrs, Kari Wahlgren

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